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Create and share responsive forms that are a breeze to fill in on any device.

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Send responsive forms and track entries on the go

You’re always moving – just like your customers, employees and attendees. Use mobile web forms to cut the cord for good, so the only thing you’re tied to is success.


Share forms instantly

Out and about and need some insights? Easily create and share forms via email and social media.

Collect entries anytime

Give anyone a mobile-ready form to fill out, whether they're placing an order, making a request or sending feedback.

Check results anywhere

Watch real-time entries roll into your Wufoo account and dig into the results with mobile-friendly analytics

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Dig into your data for 24/7 insights

Away from your desk? Always have your form data handy to check on business performance, track vital metrics and make strategic recommendations.

  • Measure crucial form performance metrics like page views, referral traffic and time to complete
  • Quickly filter your data to reveal trends and see new entries anytime
  • Track and analyse feedback from customers, attendees, employees or just about anyone else


Run successful end-to-end projects

Whether you’re performing research or hosting an event, easily share your forms, collect responses and keep tabs on your entries wherever you are.

  • Instantly send invitations, registration forms and surveys from any device
  • Check incoming RSVPs and respond to real-time feedback straight away, streamlining your events
  • Collect secure payments online, or get customers to fill in your mobile form to pay at live events


Keep everyone organised and on task

You’re the go-to person for fulfilling requests and making sure things run smoothly. Instantly access and update important info so you can keep your to-do list super short.

  • Follow up with prospects immediately when they fill in your lead forms
  • Enter and organise important information from employees, students, volunteers or just about anyone else
  • Enter holiday requests, IT tickets, requisition orders, hourly availability and much more


Make it easy for anyone to respond

Show people you care about their experience with mobile responsive forms that look great and work really well on any device. They’ll love you for it and be more likely to fill them out!

  • Choose from 400+ templates that are optimised for mobile form design
  • Customise the look and feel of your forms to match your brand
  • Give people more ways to send you their information, including social media and email

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Access your Wufoo mobile forms from anywhere, on any device. Wufoo’s mobile web forms are perfect for people on the go who can’t wait to get back to the office. When you’re out and need answers, share your mobile forms on social media, via email, or post a web link. Wufoo’s optimised mobile form design makes it easy for anyone to fill in your forms. Customers, attendees and employees can fill in your responsive forms wherever they are, whether they’re paying you for a service or giving you real-time feedback. You can check, update and analyse your form entries from anywhere so that you never lose sight of hot leads and can respond to real-time feedback and fulfil orders wherever you are, and more. Wufoo’s mobile forms have great mobile form design, so they’re perfect for vendors attending live events. Whether you’re collecting lead information or online payments at a live event, just pull up your responsive forms on a mobile device and collect people’s information easily. All you need is an internet connection and mobile web forms to collect payments via PayPal, Stripe, and more.