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Run your restaurant or snack van with Wufoo online reservations and ordering system forms. Take online food orders and offer online gift card order forms.

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By: Johan Lieu

Do you manage a restaurant or work in the food industry? Or do you build websites for the food industry? If so, we think you’re a superstar – and to make your life easier, we’ve created Wufoo applications that will help you out. Want to take online orders? We’ve got a form for that. Looking for feedback from your customers? Yup, we’ve got a form for that too. What’s that you say? You want to handle payments online? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

You Run Your Business. We’ll Do The Programming.

If you manage your own website for your food or dining business, you’re probably focused on your business – not on programming your website. The last thing you need to be worrying about is integrating complex add-ons into your company’s website or into your email marketing program. You’ve got burgers to flip and bread to bake! Get back in the kitchen and let Wufoo handle your online reservations, business feedback forms and even your online payment system.

And if you’re out of the kitchen and build websites for the food industry, we know you’ll love the customisable features that Wufoo gives you. We handle the database structures and scripts for you, so you get to focus on the fun stuff – like designing. You can even integrate forms into your mobile device using Wufoo’s bizness apps. Pretty handy, even if we do say so ourselves.

Here’s How Wufoo Can Help Your Food Business...

Give your customers the ability to log in to your website and submit their takeaway order, or even let them purchase gift cards online – they’ll love how quick and handy it is. Plus, it will free up your staff from having to take phone orders and process gift card payments at the till.

Online orders takeaway form: With an online order form, customers can order online for collection. Customise the form to your liking – customers will be able to choose their menu items, select the quantity and leave their contact information. The Wufoo online order form is especially great for pizza restaurants and establishments specialising in takeaways.

Online gift cards form: Restaurant gift cards are a fantastic present. I mean, who doesn’t like a free meal out at a great restaurant? Give your customers an easy way to purchase gift cards by including an order form on your website. Curious about what your customers have to say? Get their feedback!

Let’s suppose you’ve got this great website that showcases your food company – maybe you have a catering business or run a restaurant. Wouldn’t it be great if you could let your customers give you feedback directly on your website with a survey form? And wouldn’t it be even more spectacular if you didn’t need to program the form yourself? We think so. Here are a few of our forms that will help you get customer feedback:

Customer satisfaction survey: Learn what your customers think about your food establishment by sending your patrons a customer satisfaction survey. Were customers satisfied with the service they received? How was the food? Or perhaps you want to ask whether your restaurant appeared clean? Customise the form to get feedback about important items that will help you improve your food business.

Suggestion form: Sometimes, all you need are a few suggestions. For example, if you run a catering business, you may want to ask your clients whether they have any suggestions for how the food could have been improved or whether the service could have been better. Do your clients have any ideas about menu items they’d like you to offer? Or perhaps you’d like suggestions about the types of drinks that you served. Customise a suggestion form with questions that cover all of the details you’re curious about and then improve future events with the feedback you get.

Event satisfaction survey: If you host an event at your food establishment, get feedback about how it went. Customise our event satisfaction survey template and learn whether the event was what people expected, whether the food was tasty and even learn how people found out about the event – you get to write the questions, so you can ask whatever you want! Whether you’re hosting a wine tasting event at your restaurant or are part of a snack van event, this form will give you the lowdown on what your customers thought so that you can improve your next event.

Want To Take Online Payments For Orders? We’ll Get You Set Up.

When your business is booming, taking online payments saves everyone time; your staff will be freed up from the till and your customers won’t have to queue up to pay. Our online payment form is a handy tool to include with your online order takeaway form, and it’s also great for companies such as caterers.

Wufoo’s online payment form: Process credit cards from your customers with our online payment integration features. You won’t have to write a single line of code to add our payment feature to your form and website. Our forms are integrated with some of the most popular online payment providers – making setup a breeze when you have an account with a payment processor.

Still Curious About How Wufoo Works?

Wufoo is an easy-to-use online tool that allows anyone to create and build online forms – no coding or programming required. And Wufoo hosts and stores everything, so you don't have to worry about where your forms or data will live.

You can completely customise the look and feel of your forms using our Theme Designer by choosing colours to suit your brand or theme, as well as adding your company's logo or your wedding colours to your forms. You can even use one of almost 300 form templates in our Form Gallery to jump-start creating your forms, or look at our Examples to see how you can use Wufoo in your company.

Wufoo partners and works with loads of other applications, allowing you to accept data and information via your forms and send it to other applications that your company uses. We have integrations with applications such as MailChimp, Dropbox, Zapier, Salesforce, WordPress and more.