Creating a Custom Asterisk in CSS for Required Fields

If you want to customise the asterisk colour in required fields, we’ll show you how using CSS.

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How to Create a Custom Asterisk in CSS for Required Fields

Do you want to customise the colour of the asterisk that appears next to required fields on a form? (e.g. for date of birth or addresses.) Whether you have a colour scheme going that you're trying to keep consistent or you use a preferred colour for branding, using a custom asterisk colour in CSS is possible when using our program. Here's how:

When you go to the CSS for the asterisk codes, you'll find the following:

form span.req{
  color:red !important;

You don't need to change the colour in the fourth line in this set of CSS code. Instead, change the class "req" in our CSS:

.wufoo span.req{
  color:red !important;

In this line, you'll be able to enter the colour you want for the custom fields asterisk. It's that simple. Happy customising!